Welcome to the International page! This is devoted to our international allies, friends, and endorsers.  Both the People’s Summit and the May 20 march and rally have generated international support, which is vital to the conversation in opposition of NATO/G8.

Over the next few weeks we will add the list of international endorsing organizations, content that is of particular interest to the international community, and resource materials that have an international focus.

For more information on CANG8, the People’s Summit, the May 20 march and rally, or to endorse, contact us at
The International Coordinating Committee No to War – No to NATO (ICC) has issued a call for international day of actions. The call to action can be found here.
1 April 2012, International Direct Action NATO HQ, Brussels,

NATO, the world’s biggest war machine, has evolved from a defensive to an aggresive alliance.
NATO adds fuel to the fire. Under the pretext of ‘Responsibility to Protect’, NATO attacks Libya to force a profitable regime change. This intervention escalates the conflict and causes thousands of casualties. The arms industry applauds. NATO’s intervention in Afghanistan leaves the country in tatters and on the brink of a civil war. Thousands have been killed. After a long-drawn-out war, the alliance reduces troop levels but plans for continued military presence, although military leaders admit that they have reached no tangible results so far.  Read more…

Click here for a clip of the NATO Game Over campaign 2012.


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