Get the word out about the People’s Summit on May 12-13 and the May 20 march and rally.

Download an overview of NATO and G8, including how they are linked, some things we can do to take back our future.

Download the half page flyer for the May 20 march & rally here.
Download the black & white or color full page flyers.
Click here for the start of the rally and march (north end).
Click here for an arial view of the opening rally site at the Petrillo Bandshell (Butler Field in Grant Park)
Click here for the ending point of the march (south end).

Click here for transportation directions for those coming to Chicago from out of town.

If you are looking for ride sharing, click here.  If you are looking for housing, click here.

People’s Summit poster: Click to download either Black & White or Color.

Video Public Service Announcement by Chicago Clout

Chicago Clout Programs vs. NATO

Opposing G8 in Chicago on May 20, 2012
February 5, 2012
With Rafael Cervantes and Pat Hunt

Defending Civil Liberties in Chicago
February 4, 2012
With Ben Meyer

Opposing NATO in Chicago
January 29, 2012
With Rick Rozoff and Eric Ruder

Afghanistan: the war that wouldn’t end
February 21, 2012
With Mary Dean of Voices for Creative Non-Violence and Alejandro Villatoro and Abdullah Ray of Iraq Veterans Against the War

 Iran: threat of yet another war
February 24, 2012
With Michael Lynn, board member, Chicago Area Peace Action and the No War on Iran Coalition, Danny Postel, Co-editor The People Reloaded, The Green Movement, the Struggle For Iran’s Future, and Allejandro Villatoro of Iraq Veterans Against the War.


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