Palestine Solidarity

This is the home of the Palestine Solidarity Working Group.

The military leaders, strategists, and defense contractors who are key in promoting continued war and occupation among the developing countries of the world, especially in the Middle East, are part of the NATO/G8 summits. The only group shut out of these meetings and their war and poverty agenda are ordinary people affected by their decisions. In response, communities across the world are uniting together to resist the NATO/G8 summits. As representatives from Palestinian and Palestine solidarity groups, we will be joining this network of activists, community groups, and allies to protest the role of NATO and the G8 in maintaining the occupation of Palestine and supporting the apartheid policies of the state of Israel. While Israel  ignores international law in its  refusal to (1) end the occupation; (2) grant full equality to Palestinian—Arab citizens of Israel; and (3) guarantee the Right of Return, NATO and the G8 continue to support the  Israeli state;  actively  fund these apartheid policies; and engages in joint military exercises and the sharing  of intelligence with the state  of  Israel.

If you are interested in being a part of the Palestine Solidarity Working Group, contact

For a downloadable brochure on the impact of NATO/G8 on Palestine, click here and click here.


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